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A hub of interaction, the CAA Expo floor is a bustling and dynamic environment where ideas come to life. ​

Join us as mini-master classes and demos take over the expo floor adding to the atmosphere over Congress. ​

Make your way through a specially designed, premium and dynamic space featuring state-of-the-art exhibition booths, designed to flaunt our exhibitors' latest innovations. 


Keep reading to discover who is exhibiting at our 2022 Expo.

Expo Passport

Are you feeling adventurous? For the first time ever, CAA has collaborated with exhibitors to launch our Expo Passport.

The Passport adds an entirely new experience to Congress and provides a unique and exciting path for delegates to take when exploring the Expo floor. ​

The Passport requires delegates to travel to various booths and areas on the expo floor in exchange to get their passports ‘stamped.’ Once a delegate has received ‘stamps’ from all passport destinations, they can go into the drawer to win one of many prizes.​

Expo Passport Terms & Conditions

Live Demonstrations

As you travel around the expo floor, you’ll see a number of live demonstrations from a variety of our exhibitors.​

See the latest industry products, strategies, and emerging ideas come to life in hands-on demonstrations designed to intrigue and light up the expo floor.​

Be sure to take a look at the program to see what demonstrations will be happening on each day. 


Mini-Masterclasses will be making a long-awaited return to the expo floor for 2022. ​

CAA has collaborated with top exhibitors and renowned topic experts to bring you a number of mini-masterclasses, which have been carefully crafted to teach you a new skill in just 20 minutes.​

These mini-masterclasses are not only designed to teach new skills, but are constructed to deliver a wholistic experience to also practically engage delegates to approach the sessions with creativity, optimism, and inventiveness.​

Both entertaining and educational, you’ll be surprised by how much you can get out of a 20-minute masterclass.

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